Epidemias, Modelación Matemática, Estadística y Computación (EPIMEC)

EpiMEC is an interdisciplinary research group that combines mathematical modeling, statistics, computing, biological sciences, and public health to study infectious diseases. The group is part of the Research Center in Pure and Applied Mathematics (Centro de Investigación en Matemática Pura y Aplicada, CIMPA) at the University of Costa Rica.

Although members of the EpiMEC team had previously collaborated in joined research, it was until 2017 that the group began to consolidate, creating collaborative networks with national and international researchers in different areas. The interdisciplinary work has enriched the way the team faces real world problems and challenges. Furthermore, collaboration networks have been established with government entities such as the Ministry of Health and Programa Estado de la Nación (PEN), thus focusing the team’s research on real problems of national interest.